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We offer Bavarian food and drink full of flavour, ranging from the hearty tastes of the colder months to the light and fresh flavours of Spring and Summer. Incorporating flavours from neighbouring Italy, Austria, and Hungary – we have created contemporary Bavarian menus that are sure to tantalize the tastebuds and please your entire party.

The Menu

Our new menu pays homage to the authentic tastes and cuisine of Bavaria. We pride ourselves in sourcing the best ingredients possible and crafting them into authentic and original dishes as found in Bavaria! Our in-haus team of dedicated German Master Butchers, Master Bakers and Chefs assure outstanding quality for our guests and an experience to remember.

Try some of our famous authentic Bavarian dishes, made from pure and carefully sourced ingredients.

Not in the mood for our hearty classics? Try our new lighter, fresher options inspired by Bavarian flavours and created with a modern twist

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