Secret Brewers Project Firecracker Blonde

Bier Style Pale Ale
Bier Style Filtered
Bier Style Alc/Vol: 5.8%
Bier Style IBUs: 18

About the Bier

The Secret Brewer’s Project by Urban Craft Brewing is a series of limited release batches that will change with the seasons; each beer bringing its own unique character, from bold IPAs, to infused weiss beers, and rich, distinctive stouts.

Meet our Secret Brewer’s Project Release #2 – Firecracker Blonde

Firecracker Blonde boasts an array of aromas from all three core ingredients: Malt, Hops and Yeast!

At 5.8 % abv this Wheat beer is rather big but due to it’s crisp profile, very sessionable and moreish. The Hoppy Blonde is moderately cloudy leaving you with a summer-fresh and quaffing finish. It goes with the classics of Bavarian cuisine as well as spicy dishes.

The Bavarian malt aspects are perfectly balanced with the bitterness and hoppiness as well as the aromas from the Bavarian yeast strain – biscuity, slightly caramel and sweet.

Hops are from Bavaria with the Magnum variety dominating the spicy and floral notes which are sitting nicely next to the clove and banana from the yeast.

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