Paulaner Salvator

Bier Style Amber Lager
Bier Style Filtered
Bier Style Alc/Vol: 7.9%
Bier Style IBUs: 28

About the Bier

Tasting Note

Paulaner Salvator, with its strong, typically malty taste, is the original Paulaner. The bottom-fermented Doppelbock-Bier unites the finest hops and dark barley malt.

The head is the colour of caramel and the beer is chestnut brown, combined with a seductive flavour of chocolate to give a pleasing intensity on the palate.

Paulaner has been brewing the Paulaner Salvator according to the original recipe for over 375 years, and the Paulaner monks even served Salvator as a replacement for food at Lent!


The Paulaner Salvator is sold bottled, in 330mL servings.


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