Munich Lager Keller Beer

Bier Style Pale Lager
Bier Style Unfiltered
Bier Style Alc/Vol: 4.7%
Bier Style IBUs: 16

About the Bier

Tasting Notes

An absolute showstopper, this lady will make you want to run away and join the circus. This bitter babe is unfiltered and unpasteurized, with sweet, malty grains and a crisp, firm finish.

Stemming from traditional Bavarian Pale Lagers (Helles), this beer has a natural cloudiness from yeast and protein which is the reason why Munich Lager is the way she is! The subtle bitterness creates a very refreshing beer perfectly for those interested to unleash their inner wilderness.

This Keller bier was designed as a homage to this old practice and combines Australian pale malt with Bavarian sourced malt called Carahell to deliver a straw-golden, smooth lager with substance.


Find this temptress exclusively at Bavarian Bier Cafés – served in 300mL, 500mL & 1L steins.



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