Hacker Pschorr Weisse

Bier Style Pale Ale
Bier Style Unfiltered
Bier Style Alc/Vol: 5.5%
Bier Style IBUs: 12

About the Bier

Tasting Note

A soft sparkling beer with an aromatic and mild character, the highly regarded Weisse bier has a silky shine and intense golden yellow hue, topped off with a compact and creamy head of froth.

Only the best ingredients are used in this unfiltered Weissbier – brewer’s wheat grown in the Champagne Region and selected certified hops from Hallertau in Germany. Thanks to a special brewing process this beer fulfils its promise and provides an excellent taste.

The yeast evolves gently to deliver a magnificently refreshing fruity and citrus note accompanied by a fine sparkling hint of acidity. The light sweetness of bananas and honey melt on the tongue and mingle with subtle and slightly more bitter notes of nutmeg.


The Hacker Pschorr Weisse is served bottled.


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